How to Build a Private Blog Network

What is a Private Blog Network?

A Private Blog Network is a group of blogs that help establish your content around the web and link to your money site. The money site is the main site you are looking to get higher in Google.

Typically, I like to have 10 blogs pointing to each of my pages on the website in order to help them rank overall. One of the most important aspects with doing this is to make sure each blog has unique content and variations of keyword anchor text.

Find Blogs with Moz Rank and Trust…

First off, most of what Google cares about nowadays is quality of content. If sites that have no trust flow or weak profiles are linking to your website it won’t help. Even worse, it could actually push you off the pages of search completely.

You can research the trust profile of other websites and blogs through the Moz Open Explorer. The tool will help you find out whether the links from other websites or blogs are even worth your time.  These steps will help in the beginning process for building a private blog network.


How to Target the Right Keywords

In most cases, keyword research is the difference between a website succeeding or failing. I say this because if you are trying to rank a keyword with a difficulty score of 90 you will set your website up for failure.

When I first start building a website I like to look for easy to rank keywords with a difficulty of 30 or less.  Over a few months time, I’m able to rank them close to the top ten without much work.

A website that has just been built has a 1 as domain authority and a 1 as page authority. However, as time goes by these metrics will continue to go up and that will help your website rank for keywords in a ‘faster’ fashion.


DoFollow High DA/PA Blogs

If you have done all the above so far and are still not ranking in the top 10 on Google then it will take some link juice. Typically, I go to the website to find blogs that will link to my website. I have been even able to find a DA 77/PA 30 website that provides as many dofollow links as needed.

Dofollow refers to links that actually pass equity on Google and help your website ranking. Links with the Nofollow attribute are just good for Citation Flow but pass no equity.


Conclusion: When learning how to build a private blog network you must be patient because Google takes its good sweet time. I have noticed this on one of my other sites in which it took an entire year and then ranked for over 20 keywords in the top ten of Google within months. Currently, that site is making monthly income without much work and you can do the same by following these SEO techniques.





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