Tumblr Hacks – Link Building 101

Why do Links Matter in SEO?

Links are one of the most important things that Google places emphasis on when looking at websites. A simple Tumblr hack can help you get high quality links to any page of content you post on your website.

I like to start with 5 links with about 40-60 words and submit them to both Google and Bing. Usually, after a few months they will be found and will boost my page higher in search results.

How to Find Expired Tumblr’s

Very few people know that web 2.0 links can be quick and easy to build with help from a tool called TumblrHunter. You will want to find expired accounts that have strong Moz rank and Trust.

In my experience, I was able to find a PA 34 Tumblr account that had over 1,000 dofollow links to it. The trust flow from having one link on Tumblr with a quality write-up can help you rank for easy difficulty keywords.

Google Likes Trust Flow

The old Google system used to be based on which websites had the most links on the web. However, things have changed and now the emphasis is on how trustworthy the sites linking to you are overall.

The rankings are based on a pyramid of linking from the web with flow passed from one site to another. I like Tumblr links because they come from a domain which has one of the highest authority’s on the web.

Tumblr Redirect- Is it Bad?

On all the links that are within posts on Tumblr there is a redirect attribute. You may be asking whether this affects the ability of your website to receive link juice. In my own SEO, I have seen that it stills adds value and passes equity even though its a redirect.

Don’t panic because the links are still working and functioning to boost websites higher on Google. If you want to be 100% sure it is a dofollow link there is this hack on Tumblr…

How to Get Dofollow Link from Tumblr

If you are stressing over the redirect issue there is still a workaround way on Tumblr to make sure you pass link equity to your website. Add the following html code to the description of your Tumblr account as shown.

I’m not sure how long this little trick will be around so take advantage while you can to rank web pages. You can rinse and repeat this process for just about any keyword with a difficulty under 30.

tumblr hacks

Traffic = Money

Finally, as you all have been waiting for the traffic will bring money to your site. In most cases, I attempt to rank for keywords that get a few hundred views a month. If you can do this over and over again the traffic adds up at the end of the day.


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