Backlink Booster-Finding Dofollow Links

Why DoFollow Links?

In my own experience, there is no way to rank in the top of Google without a boost from backlinks. I have heard many people talk about whether links pass equity or don’t pass equity to a website.

The large difference between Nofollow and Dofollow links from other websites is “equity.” Any link that is Nofollow passes no trust to your website. However, it counts as one more linking root domain and can pass Citation Flow. Diversity is one of the metrics that Google loves to see from websites.

In the Google Algorithm, the ratio of Trust Flow to Citation Flow is what helps website ranking. If a website has many Nofollow links and not a single Dofollow link then it will perform horribly. A balance is needed for the best potential results.

For example, Google has a 1-1 ratio of Trust Flow to Citation Flow which is the highest you can get for a website. They have plenty of links out on the web which is why their authority is at the top of the spectrum.

backlink booster

Find a Backlink Booster

One simple way to find backlinks that can boost your website is through the service DropMyLink. You can signup for a free account and start scraping the web for sites that will provide Dofollow links.

Personally, I have found two sites from this process  which offer significant link juice to one of my websites. It helped me take a keyword from position 100 on Google to position 30 in a month. That may not sound amazing but keep in mind that the keyword was generating over 40,000 searches a month so it was difficult to rank.

Backlink Profile is Everything

Finding quality websites that can power your website higher in search is critical. In order to check out the profile of these links, you can use the Moz Open Explorer which will show Trust, Rank, Domain Authority, and Page Authority.

You will want to pick sites with DA and PA above 30. Otherwise, the links won’t really work in your favor to boost your website.

Once you find a few golden opportunities save them because you will be able to use them on other websites. For example, I am utilizing the same linking root domains for multiple websites because I know they work and are effective. It prevents rework!

Short URL to Backlinks

One of my favorite strategies to get links indexed fast is to use the Google URL Shortener. Typically, it takes a week or two for the backlinks to show up in your Webmaster Console. If you don’t do this, you could waiting waiting years for them to be indexed.

Additionally, I like to be extra certain the links will show up so I send a ping to the short url I created. A simple yet effective way to ping is to use the Pingler service. This helps in making Google recognize websites and crawl them.

The simple strategy has helped me net over 380 backlinks in a month to one of my sites and increased my rankings exponentially.

Ranking in a Month

Even if Google has recognized your backlinks, it doesn’t necessarily mean an improvement in rankings right away. For example, I created 10 backlinks to a page I was trying to rank but my rank barely budged in the first week they were noticed.

The links were showing up in the Webmaster Console so I knew it was a weird scenario. Then, after a month of waiting my page drifted up from position 70 to position 20 without me doing anything.

The algorithm takes time to work out and rankings don’t necessarily show up right away but eventually the huge bounce up happens. Find quality sites on the web and you will have no issues doing the “rinse and repeat” method.

I know that when I was able to clinch my first few DoFollow links it was a huge accomplishment. The fun part happens when your website starts getting visitors everyday on autopilot. The money you can earn compounding year after year is exciting and well worth the work.


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