SEO Secret- 404 Error Not Found Pages

What is a 404 Error?

A 404 “not found” error tells users that a requested page no longer exists. It is part of the HTTP status codes on the web and is a big secret to SEO.

There is a significant amount of untapped opportunity when it comes to 404 error pages. The reason is because there are many web 2.0 profiles that have been deleted in the past. This means you can re-register those profiles with authority that are waiting to be snatched up.

Why not save time and register web profiles with a history of authority? Here is an example of a Tumblr page with a 404 status.

error code 404 not found

Finding High Authority Profiles

One simple method to finding high authority profiles is called ‘scraping’ which allows a user to filter thousands of profiles fairly fast. There are plenty of software tools to scrape and find the best web 2.0 profiles out on the web.

Most of the tools come at a charge such as Scrapebox but there are some free resources. You will get more efficiency with paid software versus free. However, I don’t mind a little extra work for the cost of free.

The preferred method for me is using Tumblr profiles but there are other popular web 2.0’s you could use like Twitter, Facebook, and Weebly.

Build Web 2.0 Links

Once registered, you can produce a content page with a 50-100 word description based around the keyword target. This will help Google in recognizing that your content is relevant and your website should be higher in search.

You will need about 10 links per page you are trying to rank depending on difficulty. If a keyword is difficult to rank then it may take more links overall. Just keep at it and watch the progress. Soon you will be on the first page.

Tumblr Dofollow Links

When Tumblr changed the linking system to have a redirect the world went nuts. Many SEO’s thought the tactic was dead and that the links were Nofollow.

Let me put your mind to ease and let you know that they are wrong. I just tested this strategy recently and it is still working. I took a page that was optimized for the keyword “motif investing review” and took it from position 100 to 15.

Clearly, there is still debate about the Redirect but it passes link juice at the end of the day. You have nothing to worry about and if there is any loss at all it is very minimal.

However, if you want a DoFollow link from the Tumblr profiles you created,  you can just add this line to the description area with a variation of your keyword. Don’t put your exact keyword multiple times across 10 Tumblr’s because it doesn’t look natural to Google.

<<a href=”your url“>your link text</a>


Get the Most out of 404 Error Pages

The art of 404 error pages is quite simple when broken down. I just want to thank the guru that first found out about the http errors because it presents a significant opportunity to webmasters.

Even though 404 pages are technically “not found”, they still have alot of power on the web. These pages could have thousands of backlinks if not more because they were once popular at a point in time. Generally, backlinks don’t go away and that’s what we are all after with SEO.

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