Make Money with Adsense Daily

What is Adsense?

Everyone wants to know what it takes to make money with Adsense daily. First off, Google Adsense is an advertising network for website owners that are trying to make money for their content. The network pays website owners based on CPM and CPC.

Adsense Pays CPC and CPM

What is CPM and CPC?

In the industry of ads, there are two terms known as Cost Per Thousand (CPM) and Cost Per Click (CPC). When you are running ads on a website you will make money depending on the traffic to your website.

On average, I have seen many websites generate around $2 per thousand views to a website. The cool thing is that if you have the right visitors you could make $2 per click and more money per thousand views.

The process is dependent on the niche your website falls under in terms of content. Pick wisely or forever hold your peace to the Google money system.

If you pick a better niche then you could double or triple the potential worth of traffic. The strategy is to pick and choose to write about topics in industries that pay well.

For example, one of the lowest CPC topics is dating and romance which would not be a good idea to begin a website about. A better alternative would be to start a blog about finance, health, or loans which are among the top CPC topics.

The reason is because there is more competition from advertisers seeking the finance, health, and loans categories. However, you should always be interested in what you are writing about because the rest will fall into place later.

Adsense Money

How the Money Rolls In…

The thing that most people write off far too quick is that websites can turn into income. Websites that make lots of money are the ones that have been optimized for keywords.

I know you probably didn’t think about it but keyword research is what makes the difference between a $2 CPM and a $5 CPM. If I was to do the calculation most websites are losing out on an earning potential of 150%.

One important aspect of keyword research is to never attempt to rank keywords that have a high difficulty. I believe the sweet spot is at a difficulty of 30 for websites just starting out. However, once  you gain more trust in Googles eyes then you can go after more challenging keywords.

Don’t Advertise with Only Adsense

A great way to produce more income on a website would be to have more advertising. The issue is that Google Adsense only allows three ads per page so another alternative is needed.

Before I share, take note that you NEVER want to be an inconvenience to users on your website. Making ads view-able but not distracting is crucial to a great optimization strategy.

I don’t like websites that interrupt the user while they are trying to stuff themselves with your content. So why become that guy?

One way to go about the alternative process is to signup for which offers website owners another source of income.

Adsense Alternative

Why you will Triple Income?

The advertisements they offer are easy on the eyes of visitors to your website. I think the ads are simple but get the job done because they aren’t distracting.

Personally, I’m starting to use these advertisements on one of my money sites after I came across a website one day. On the website, the guy had two keyword blocks on every page and he shared his income from using the service. Lets just say it easily beat out Google Adsense which is not surprising.

If your interested in these ads, here is what they look like. They fit on website nicely and offer strong content that interests users.

Adsense Alternative

When a company grows like Google did they start to be able to make the rules. The percentage they take from website owners is way more than some other Adsense alternatives.

However, I still feel that Google is one of the easiest to use atleast when getting started with a website. You can always work to add more later if you see fit.


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