SEO Tips: Click Through Rate Calculator

What is Click-Through Rate?

Every website on the web is after the number one position on Google. One of the factors taken into account by the mysterious ranking system is ‘click through rate’.

The calculation is simple and is the # of clicks / # of impressions to a page. Now you may be wondering where to find this information without going the extra mile.

click through rate

One way to view the impressions for a certain keyword is through Google Webmaster Tools. You should track website data in the tool because it can help your SEO strategy.

Now the data is delayed so it takes some patience. However, once your domain gains some authority and gets crawled more you will be able to track on a daily basis. I do this for one of my other websites that currently has a DA of 14 and less than a year old.

Personally, I’m always looking for opportunities to increase click through rate in the tool. The reason is because it boosts your website higher in search rankings.Since the information is delayed I double check the keywords in SERPS to make sure the ranking is accurate.

I like to find keywords that are already sitting in positions less than 40 and send them some backlinks. Usually, this helps them rank higher after a few weeks.

Anyways, Google Webmaster Tools gives you the ability to track clicks and impressions. Just do the calculation above and you will be able to calculate click through rate. A rate of about 5% is the goal.

Google Top Ten Rankings CTR

The amazing thing about the internet is that we can calculate roughly how many clicks our websites will get over time based on search position. If your website is ranking in the top 10 then you may be wondering why you should care in the first place.

However, previous data has shown that just boosting a website from position 4 to position 5 on Google means 2% more traffic. According to Chiticka, the data shows that one move up on a position in the top 15 results makes a significant difference.

Think about it in terms of a keyword that gets 500 views a month. At position 15, you will only get around 2 views a month. However, if you can get it to position 10 you will get around 12 views a month.

You may be thinking that this is a waste of time but when it comes to ranking for a bunch of keywords a few positions makes a difference in the CTR calculation.

Google Result Page Rank

Average Traffic Share































Get More Traffic to a Website

The click through rate calculation directly correlates to how much traffic your website will receive.Luckily, if you are able to position your pages well on Google then I don’t believe you will have any trouble.

One of the best ways is to build backlinks to the page you want to rank higher. Quality is everything when it comes to backlinks because it gains trust in the eyes of Google.

Why Linking Root Domains Matter?

Very few people talk about linking root domains in the SEO industry which kind of is a huge freaking deal. The number of links from unique domains is one of the most prominent Google ranking factors.

Someone that is able to gain around 100 unique linking root domains to their website will rank higher than someone with 20 linking root domains in most cases.

For example, you may have 20 links from pages on but it will only count as one linking root domain. So it is important to diversify out on the web which will help your website in the long run.



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