Improve SEO with Blog Communities

What are Blog Communities?

Simply put, a community of bloggers is a place where a bunch of people come to share information on a topic. For example, finance could be the category of the community and everyone shares related content that fits the description.

In a way, it is similar to the site Reddit which allows people to share content based on the rules of the group. If the rules of a group are broken the person gets down-voted to the bottom of the pile.

Ultimately, bloggers want to rank their website higher and get more traffic. Lets be honest, it sucks when nobody is viewing the amazing content you produce so you want it to be seen.

Easily Find Blog Communities

By far, my favorite site to use is Google Plus because it allows me to engage so many users. On the left sidebar, there is an option to search communities available and open to users.

In some cases, these  groups are private and you will have to request invitation. Typically, you don’t want to join private groups until you build up ‘street credit’.

Google Blogging Community

Increase Web Traffic

The above picture shows different communities related to search engine optimization. On some of the blog groups, there is over 100,000 members which is significant. The ability to have your post seen by many people can increase traffic.

The most important part of these groups is that they are targeted specifically toward keywords. All you have to do is write related content and most of the time people will take a look at it.

Free Backlinks to Blog

At the end of the day, these blogging groups work out perfect because they help you build an audience for your content. Also, each time you post on Google Plus you receive a backlink to your content which helps boost search rankings.

When you make a post on a community that has been around for awhile it can pass some real juice to your site. The reason is because Google has a DA of 100 and most the communities have PA upwards of 50. For example, the first group that was listed when I typed in SEO had these metrics.

SEO blogging community

How to Index the Links Fast

The best strategy to get links indexed fast on Google is a three step strategy I have built that almost always works. Most people will tell you the line that if the links are quality then they should be indexed fast.

I agree that higher quality links will get indexed at a faster rate but it still can take awhile. When I produce new content I follow each of these steps and find pages noticed by Google within two weeks or less.

  1. Create a Google Short URL for the Page you just Published
  2. Copy the Short URL and Put it in Pingler with the desired Keywords
  3. Submit the Page to Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools

This process helps content get noticed because it force submits it to the search engines. If you were to wait for it to organically happen it could take over a year.

These Google blog communities give Nofollow backlinks but they still help build authority. They are great to build in the beginning process of establishing a link profile.

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