Black Hat SEO Tools- Alt Tags & Keywords

What is Black Hat SEO?

Some of the best ranking sites in the web industry use tactics that are rather looked down upon or regarded as black hat techniques. While some of these tactics I would stay away from there is a few tools that could help your website rank higher.

The great part about black hat seo is it increases ranking in Google a million miles faster than traditional attempts. You may be wondering WHY…

In the Google meta system, everything is based around keywords and content layering. If your site is related to the topic more than other sites then you will be at the top of Google. Unless of course the other sites have a bunch of backlinks and social shares.

So the goal is to build the on-page content in the right way to begin the process. The next step is to build a profile on the web for the page to get it noticed. Here are some of the simple black hat tricks.

How to use Alt Tags…

The concept of Alt tags are critical to a good SEO strategy at the end of the day. You want to make your content so targeted that viewers will automatically pick your site every time.

The result of highly related content is a higher click through rate on Google and better rankings in search results.

black hat seo tools

The first thing to do is figure out what kind of website hosting you will use. I have websites hosted and built on both Godaddy and WordPress.

In my honest opinion, I like WordPress better because it allows quick and easy publishing for content. Now the only issue is that it isn’t as flexible in being able to customize things the exact way you want them. But that is a price you pay and it isn’t too challenging to work around.

Now that you have the WordPress site you can build blog posts with a ‘featured image’. You will want the image to have the Alt Text of the keyword you want to rank.

For example, if I wanted to rank for how to seo I would have that keyword as the Alt Text. This simple process will help you move up in the rankings.

Embedded Alt Text

Another way to optimize a page is to have a few images throughout your content. Not only does it interest the reader but it gives you a few more opportunities to have variations of your keyword.

One thing to remember is that you never want to have a keyword density over 2%. Therefore, if the page has 1000 words on it you shouldn’t have over 20 occurrences of the keyword as a rule of thumb.

seo alt tags

A simple secret is that more words on the page allows you to add more occurrences of your keyword. Lately, I have seen many pages with high word counts ranking higher and there is no secret why.

Title the Page Right

A good way to do seo is to have an attractive title with your keyword in it. Make it look exciting to the reader and you will have them clicking your site versus the other 10 sitting in the pile.

Never make a title that won’t rank in Google. When I first started web design I had no clue what I was doing. I would title pages without thinking and produce content hoping it would do well.

After a case study, none of those pages even ranked after a year. However, the optimized content I built was able to rank high in a matter of a month or two.

Finally, you don’t ever want to publish crappy content with a bad setup. What I mean is that you should constantly be thinking about what the user will like and actually cares about. If you this right in combination with simple black hat seo tools you will be #1 in search in no time.


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