Simple SEO Using Social Status Updates

Why Social Updates Help SEO?

Ever wonder why people always argue over the importance of high authority websites on the web? Well, it may deal with the fact that each post on Google Plus, Reddit, Facebook, Tumblr, and all other forms of social media help get your website out in the world.

Getting a website out on high authority sites like stated matters for more than a NoFollow link. These sites can be real powerhouses for your site to move up in search engines over a few months.

status updates on social media

I was able to test this technique with multiple websites I own and the results were amazing. Over one year, I was able to take one of my sites to a domain authority of 14 just with using social media updates.

All I did was post on a few high authority social networks that helped get my site out there. Keep in mind that I had no other website links at the time so the amount of juice my site received from the social platforms alone was surprising.

Additionally, I was able to clinch multiple top 10 spots in Google with this site because of the decent domain authority. This just shows that the ranking system is putting lots of emphasis on sites with a social presence because they are ‘trustworthy’.

Easy Status Updates With WordPress

The greatest technique to getting social status updates without all the hard work is with WordPress. The platform lets you connect social feeds so posts can automatically be shared right when they are posted.

Honestly, what could be better than your network of followers getting notified the second you decide to do some writing on their behalf. It simplifies the process of establishing a network on the web.

When you are able to establish a large network on the web from high authority websites there will be a natural increase in domain authority. The number of links a website has on the internet equates to ‘respect’ in the eyes of Google.

Now you want the links to be quality or they aren’t worth the work in the first place. That is why social media platforms carry so much weight in the process.

The only issue with WordPress is the fact that they don’t have support for connecting all social sites. One of the sites that isn’t on the list is Reddit which is important to have in my mind. I like finding targeted niches with low activity so my posts sit at the top of the feed for a day or more.

status for social media updates

How to Write Status Updates

When thinking about the description for a status update on the social platforms you should make sure it is titled accurately. Never post a status that is completely unrelated to what your content is about. Otherwise, your followers will dwindle away quickly.

The goal is to make the reader find what they are looking for and provide them with the answer. I absolutely don’t agree with people out on the web that will make ‘spam titles’ just to get viewers.

My best advice for everyone is to build a short and sweet description without being deceptive. Always include the keyword you are attempting to rank for and add some fluff to the wording around it to get attention.

For example, if I had a keyword of ‘Search Engine Tips’ I may try to spin a description such as:

“The best tips online to rank in the top 10 on search engines”

Something like this depicts the article while hitting an interest with readers because of the extra fluff words like ‘best’.

Over time, any website can move up in the ranks and challenge the top 10 contenders in Google. Just keep expanding the social presence with updates on a scheduled post period and your site will be there in no time. Remember that Google crawls websites that produce fresh content more on average than other websites.

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