Blogging Sites That Pay: GoDaddy vs. WordPress

Does a Blog Pay?

Most of the people in the business of blogging want to turn it into a small income or business eventually. Very few are out there to just make a blog for fun and that’s it.

Sure, I love blogging and writing new content which is part of the reason I have entered the business. However, I believe a writer should be rewarded for providing great content to others and there is a few ways to achieve it.

How Godaddy Pays Bloggers

When you register a domain on you can sign it up with website builder to start off. I did this for one of my websites and it worked just fine.

In many ways I feel like people waste time trying to host their own website or build it without a starter template. Quite frankly, it wastes a ton of time.

I would advise to start with a standard template and focus on the content your site will offer. Break the information into categories to help readers navigate the site.

Godaddy is a powerful tool for website building because it allows a great amount of customization. You can practically make the pages however you want with whatever colors and html necessary.

blogging with godaddy vs wordpress

Advertising on Godaddy websites is easy and can be done using Google Adsense. The process is simple and easy to setup. You can get approved for the Adsense platform within a month or two.

Once done, you can place up to three ads per page on the site you own. The goal is to not push customers away while still being able to make some income. Ad Placement is the key to the process which is discussed later in the article.

How WordPress Pays Bloggers

A blogger can setup a WordPress website fairly fast which is why I like the platform. There is plenty of templates to choose from depending on the type of niche.

After building a few pages, all you need to do is make posts a few times a week to attract an audience to your site.

One the ways you can get paid as a blog owner is through the use of Wordads on your site. I don’t think the platform is as good as Adsense but it does the trick. You sacrifice a little profit for the ease of building out a website in a faster period of time.

blogs on godaddy vs wordpress

I believe that WordPress is better for lightweight blogs while Godaddy is better for more in depth customization. I have websites on both but I have found WordPress to be easier for the writer of content.

Best Spots For Ad Placement

The key to ad placement is figuring out the best points of contact which will trigger a user to click. The following areas are known in the industry as the best spots:

  • Above the post
  • Sidebar banner
  • Sidebar video unit

Remember that before anything else, the user should be a first priority. The viewers that you attract to a website are the key to success and they need to be treated like gold.

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