Link Juice-Finding Sites That Pass Trust Flow

Why High Quality Backlinks?

The single most important thing about building backlinks is ‘Trust’. If a link doesn’t have trust then it is worth absolutely nothing to Google. Getting these high quality backlinks is easy if you know what you are looking for in a link.

A way to measure the link juice of a backlink is to use Majestic. Now many people complain about how they are limited to only three searches a day on the site. There is a way around this to be able to measure the trust flow of any link quickly.

link juice in majestic

Google Chrome Majestic Tool

Having the Majestic tool for Chrome saves so much time when trying to figure out whether a link is worthwhile or not. Not to mention you have the ability to analyze trust flow on any website without a daily limit.

Trust flow is described to be the set of trusted seed sites linking to your site. Basically, that is a bunch of nonsense that doesn’t go in depth to help webmasters.

The indicator is measured on a logarithmic scale from 1-100. Keep in mind that its nearly impossible to get 100 but a good goal would be 10-20 to start getting top 10 ranks in Google.

Every website should strive for a 1-1 or 1-2 ratio of trust flow to citation flow. Trust me this is the end all be all. This is because the powers of Google won’t rank you at the top otherwise.

If you have a really high citation flow but no trust flow good luck with ranking. In my own case studies, I have found that bumping trust flow from 2 to 6 on the root domain helped my positions rocket up on google/bing. I will soon be releasing these case studies so stay tuned and follow me on some form of social network.

As I have said multiple times, the best way I have found to build quality link juice to pages is to use Tumblr. The idea isn’t anything crazy and you can build some profiles that already have trust flow of atleast 8.

If you start trying to build brand new social media accounts you will make more work for yourself. Nobody wants that at the end of the day!

How is Trust Flow Measured?

The concept of trust flow makes sense if you think about it. Only websites that follow your site are considered into the count. Therefore, don’t try to build Nofollow links if you want trust flow to go up.

The measurement takes essentially an average of some sort out of the links that are actually dofollow to your site. The most important thing is to make sure these links have juice to pass or they are worthless.

boosting link juice with trust flow

When I first started SEO, I attempted to build as many dofollow links as I could thinking it would help ranks. However, only a few of these links actually had any value when checked with the Majestic tool.

In conclusion, everyone wants to establish a strong foundation to help their site succeed over the long haul. To do so, you need to have websites with link juice linking to you.

In my experience, a few Tumblr pages with trust flow of 8 will do the job at ranking a page atleast 30. However, it depends on keyword difficulty and you have to find stuff that isn’t impossible to push ranks on Google. how to buy ethereum with bitcoin



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