How to Launch a Website for Bing & Google

Why Website Launch Matters?

Anyone looking to publish content and share it with the world is at odds with being successful. I mean that many web designers fail because they don’t follow the simple steps needed to get a website ‘visible’.

Visibility is one of the most important aspects of a website because it simply equates to more traffic. If you are able to build a passive amount of traffic flow for the website then building content and succeeding becomes a little easier.

how to launch a website on google


Search Engine Visibility

The key to any website launch is to submit your content to Google and Bing. Some people just submit to Google but I like to cover the bases. The reason is because if you don’t you are potentially missing out on a significant amount of traffic.

Not to mention that it is typically easier to rank in Bing than Google. So you could have a keyword that is ranking 20 on Google but 12 on Bing. I have this situation on one of my other sites.

Here is where you need to go if you want to submit pages of your website to Google. Also, if you want to submit to Bing you can do it here. I would suggest you do that any time you build a new post and publish it.

Helpful Website Tools

One other secret is to submit each page through the webmaster tools. You can access the Google Webmaster tools here and add the websites you own.  You will have to verify each website you own with some meta but it should be a fairly quick process. The advantage is that you can track search analytics, indexing, crawling, and other things within this tool.

Additionally, in the picture below you can submit urls of posts you just published using the ‘Fetch as Google’ tab. This is helpful to getting things quickly moving in search engines.

How to Launch a Website with Google Webmaster

Bing has a similar version of this tool for their search engine which can be found here. You will also have to verify you sites but then the rest is easy. The ‘Submit URLs’ tab allows you to submit pages from your site. The end goal is just to have a faster rate for indexing and ranking.

How to for Launching a Website Bing

Pinging your Pages

The tactic of pinging is an old tool many people have used forever. If you ask if it adds anything to the process the answer is I don’t know. I do know that I use it every time I create new content because I believe it is good to let Google know what your page is about when it crawls it.

For example, Pingler is a service I referenced in an earlier article that allows you to enter the keywords you want to rank for and choose the categories your page relates too. When you then start the process it sends out to a bunch of google services and lets them know new content needs to be crawled.

So I believe it is an important step regardless of whether or not it will help you rank better. In SEO, the best strategy is to make sure you do the simple things when publishing new content because it will help your probability of success.

Indexing Affects Ranking

If a website isn’t even visible in the eyes of search engines then how can it do well. Indexing normally happens in a time frame of 1-2 weeks if you are using the above tactics.

Sometimes the process is quicker or slower but the above strategies help push it along. No matter what it beats waiting a year for anything to happen which is what I did once upon a time before understanding SEO. Launch your website with a plan and the rest will fall into place.

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