Twitter Hash Tags-How to Get your Website Noticed

Why Get Your Website Noticed?

The first goal of any website is to have viewers and build an audience. One can only do this with quality content. The second goal of a website for many people is to make money.

Making money on a website can’t be achieved unless you are getting enough traffic. Therefore, you need around 1000 visitors a day just to make $1-$3. Seems pretty light and not worth the time but there are ways to circumvent the system.

how to get your website noticed on twitter

The Power of Hash Tags

Not many people know this but Twitter hash tags mean more traffic. You have to know how to use them the right way though. Many of the keywords people hash tag are difficult to rank for in the top.

Finding keywords that get enough traffic on Twitter is the goal of of any good web designer. I like to get a view of how many tweets have occurred in the past 24 hours using this tool. You can get a picture of how popular a keyword is in terms of tweets.

Once you view the ‘Top’ feed for the hash tag you can look if it is feasible to get your website listed. The algorithm looks at popularity of a post and  the time it was posted.

For example, a post with 5 retweets will rank higher than a post with 2 retweets which is just simple math. However, if the post with 5 retweets was written two days ago and the post with 2 retweets was written today it will be different. The post with 2 retweets would rank higher due to the ‘new’ factor of the content.

Getting Retweets Fast

One easy way to do better on Twitter is to build accounts to push your main account. It is kind of similar to the concept of backlinks in web design. You can do this technique quickly using a 10 minute email server which will be used for signing up accounts.

Now make sure the accounts have a picture and look a little authentic before trying to push your account higher in Twitter search. I like to make sure within 10 minutes of my post that I send it a lot of retweets. The sooner the better because it will rank well.

Typically, for a hashtag like ‘seo’ you would want about 50-100 accounts in order to rank it in the top of the Twitter feed. This may be too challenging so you can look for other keywords and compare what the average person is getting in terms of retweets.

Below shows how many retweets a post got that was sitting at the top of the feed for the hash tag. In total, it already has 100 retweets and was posted 5 hours ago so I would attempt to target more specific keywords.

how to get your website noticed

If the post at the top was written a day ago and has 20 retweets you could probably move ahead of them with 10 retweets. It all depends on the frequency and popularity of posts.

Overall, any person and can promote their website and become popular on Twitter. It is really just a numbers game at the end of the day. Following this strategy will help your website get noticed and help you attract more followers in the future.


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